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People are shocked when they realize how seemingly clear water can leave rusty discolorations in sinks and tubs

The Des Moines water softener specialist offers a remedy to a common condition that few homeowners are aware of. Many are amazed when water that appears to be clean leaves rusty stains on the sink and bathtub. The local water conditioning specialist explains how the problem is created by minerals found in hard water.

As explained by the Des Moines water softener pro with Iowa Soft Water, different varieties of iron found in water can create a range of problems. Ferrous iron is a clear iron that can produce rust stains when it makes contact with oxygen. A water softener will take care of this kind of iron; but bear in mind, extreme levels may demand more aggressive treatment method. The water softener technician will test the water to ascertain the level of iron present.

Another type of iron found in water is ferric iron which is orange in appearance and may be taken care of by a water softener if the level is not too high. One other type of iron stains can be the result of an iron bacteria. Iron bacteria can lead to mechanical complications with water using appliances and has to be removed with chlorine or bactericidal conditioning technology.

If iron levels are excessive the Des Moines water softener installer recommends an iron filter called the iron curtain. He will put in this component as well as the water softener to remedy water for both iron and odor.

Iowa Soft Water is the best rated water treatment experts in the state, dispensing water filtering solutions to homes and businesses. See to find out more about preventing problems associated with iron in the water supply.

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