Preston Byrd of Memphis poses the question to would-be business owners; Are you an entrepreneur at heart?  Maybe the bigger question is: do you have the heart to be an entrepreneur?  Entrepreneurship is often referred to as the road-less-traveled; and for good reason.  When a person strikes out their own to start a business, it is really more than a notion.  Not only does it entail tons of hard work, persistence and planning, but being an entrepreneur requires that the person have (or develop) extremely thick skin.


Starting a business is something that very few have the nerve to do, and therefore, the mass majority of our population looks upon these nervy near-do-wells as, simply put, crazy.  Those that do not have the mind or the heart to start a business and make a go of it, have a difficult time seeing the logic in even trying.  These people believe that the path to success is a singular route – being achieved through schooling and a pretty-much life-long career of working for one corporation or another.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this life of stability, we entrepreneurs look on this life as a torturous rat-in-a-maze scenario.  The sentiment of entrepreneurs is that this is simply no way to live, likewise the people who believe in that way of life look upon entrepreneurs as having the wrong idea.


Preston Byrd comments that neither group is actually wrong.  It comes down to what one has the temperament and abilities for.  As for those that choose the rough and rugged path of entrepreneurship, there will be many ups and downs.  Challenging does not begin to describe the life that awaits the entrepreneur.  There will be hundreds of very sleepless nights, endless headaches and a lot of seclusion from the general populace, friends and even family members.  A word to the wise, don’t expect your associates to understand why you’re choosing this difficult route. But, do expect to have lots of financial difficulty and many meals that consist solely of noodles.


But at the end of the game, IF you have played the game well AND had a little bit of luck on your side – expect to be rewarded handsomely for your sacrifices.